Our team was founded by

Matej 'bobkan' Salai & Michal 'Somik' Somerauer in 13.2.2019.


Designed by Don Cuervo

Our logo was designed by graphic designer

Don Cuervo in 21.2.2019.

After many our requests

graphic designer make this logo.

We are using this logo at ours

profiles trough all pages with

CS:GO themes.


Finally start like a team in 28.4.2019

Our start was dated to 28.4.2019

when we had first match like

full time team. 

We started on ESEA with 

CS:GO Open league seasson 31

In time of write this post we had 

one win and five loses.


Turned to on-line state in 15.5.2019

Our website was created by

Matej 'bobkan' Salai

After many hours behind PC

and many lines in source codes

you can finally browse this pages.

About CraRun

This team was found by Matej Salai and Michal Somerauer in 2019. We want to rise up our team to the stars and into fans minds. 

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Email: info@crarun.sk

Website: https://crarun.sk

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